Denet Towing Service, Inc. is a 24-Hour Marine Towing Service company, servicing the Southern Region of the Oil, Gas, and Fishing Industries by Transporting and Tending Dredges & Rigs; Barge and Boat Rentals; Towing and Salvage Jobs, etc.


24 – Hour Marine Services Include:

  • Towing: Rigs, Barges, Dredges, Quarter's Barges, etc.
  • Marine Delivery: Personnel, Equipment, Supplies, Potable Water, etc.
  • Marine Tending: Rigs, Platforms, Quarter's Barges, Dredges, etc.
  • Barge Rentals: Deck, Containment, Spud, Water, Pontoon
  • Salvage Jobs: Boats and Barges
  • Wheel Washing: Slip Cleaning, Rig Location, etc.
  • Dock Repairs: Bumpers and Bulkheads
  • Crew Changing Service