Denet Towing Service, Inc., has earned a reputation of dependability, reliability, and safety, throughout the industry.

Denet Towing Service, Inc. equipment list is as follows: 6 (Shallow Draft) Lugger Tugs from 300 HP to 1200 HP; 14 Deck Barges; 4 Containment Rail Barges with 6" Pollution Rails; 1 – 100,000 Gallons Potable Water Barge; 6 Spud Barges from 40' to 120'; 2 Pontoon Barges, (20' X 8' X 18' and 30' X 10' X 2'); 1 Concrete Barge (60.5' X 40.5' X 12') with a liquid storage capactiy of 4,000 bbls.

Our Lugger Tugs range from 300 HP (light draft 3')(deck space 30' X 16') to 1200 HP (light draft 5.5'), (deck space 36' X 26'), and operates upon Inland Water and Western Rivers.

4 Inland Support Vessels built in 2010 with speeds of up to 38 kts, can carry up to 7 passengers in less that 3' of water.  Has a deck space of 16' X 12'.  Fully equipped with Radar, GPS, Marine VHF Radio and Furuno depth finder.

All equipment mob and de-mob Venice, LA.

Denet Towing Service, Inc. is a 24-hour marine service company, servicing the Southern Region of the oil, gas, and fishing industries by transporting personnel, supplies, barges, and equipment.  Rig and dredge moving, rig tending, salvage jobs, etc.

Denet Towing Service, Inc. is fully insured and will provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.  Denet Towing Service, Inc. is a member of; "ISNetworld" a Safety Service Company and "PEC Safety" a Safety and Compliance Company.